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Our Story

For many, Zeibekiko has fast become the No1 must-learn Greek dance. However, for those with no prior dance experience, the thought of learning can seem pretty daunting. The countless styles and variations, make it hard to follow. We’ve been teaching the Zeibekiko for over 25 years with great success, and have developed a methodology proven to get great results from students very quickly. Of course, only the students able to attend our in-person classes were benefitting from this. We decided to create some online content and put it out to see what our students thought about it, and we were really pleased with the feedback! So we listened, tweaked a few things and created more.... and its now available for everyone! Anytime... anywhere!  

Your Zeibekiko Instructor

Jack Iacovou & the Figoura School of Dance

Born and raised in London, Jack is a highly enthusiastic and passionate instructor, choreographer and performer, with over 30 years dance experience along with knowledge of a huge repertoire of dances and a member of the International Dance Council (CID).


Jack started formal training from the age of 8, and has built up a wealth of knowledge and dance styles from all over Greece, Cyprus, Asia Minor, (incl Pontus) and Northern Thrace. 

Trained to performance level, he maintains his continued interest in Greek dance through teaching and performing. He has performed at various festivals and events both nationally and internationally representing Greece and Cyprus as well as on TV.


Jack established the Figoura School of Greek dance in 2013 where he spends most of his time teaching and is also actively involved in the Greek Folk Dance Festival, a project that brings together authentic music and dance.


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